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Hi to all

Hi to everyone who are visiting my Blog…sorry for not posting blogs in the last 2 months…i have shifted from CTS to Deloitte and an trying to find my feet in Deloitte…so not finding the time to blog..but i would be back to myself sometime soon and my blogs will flow…..

One of my friend had a small idea and we want to materialise it…the idea was to start a website on conserving the environment…..we have registered a domain and hosted a template at www.save2survive.com do look at the template and get back with ur comments….i would also encourage active participation of all of you people becuase its something for all of us….we would be hosting a blog and updating the stuff shortly…ur contibutions and comments are welcome…

As per my blogs goes i can promise you a blog a day from now on…..keep comming back…feel free to ask if you need some technical help…if i dont have the solution i will try to get it for you….and remember to post some comments….which is something which would encourage me to blog even better……those comments….would be the energy for me……:)

For more blogs of Technology check my current blog at www.sunilsaripalli.com

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Yahoo Answers

Hi Gurus, Yahoo Answers is a Very good site if used in the correct Spirit, in this post i want to raise an issue which i have observed,  in most cases people give the answer which is already given by a previous user, i think its only wasting resourses on Yahoo Answers server, filling up space with Junk where as it can be used for really good Q&A, so Gurus who havent used yahoo answers start using it….and for gurus who are using it when you see a person repeating the answer please take some time and write a comment or answer stating the above…not to waste the good idea and resourses of Yahoo Answers…