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First Step into Network Security/Hacking…

How many people would want to Hack…i think most of them would say Yes. So here is the first step into hacking….to find out the system you want to hack….i have used the word Network Security in my heading becuase hacking is more or less about network security when you are learning about hacking you are learning loopholes on your systems which you can block when you know them….

¬†Angry IP Scanner is a small exe which would help you find the live hosts on your network. If you check your ip address you would have 192.168.0.X then the range of your network is Now download Angry IP Scanner from the below link and enter the ranger. The exe would run a ping for all the ipaddresses and list the live hosts along with some details like host name etc. http://www.download.com/Angry-IP-Scanner/3000-2085_4-10549446.html¬†Download and try and come back for more posts on hacking…….