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Effectively Find Your Query in Search Engines :)

WWW is the best source for finding anything you are looking out for. You can accumulate a lot of information from the comfort of your desk. But most of us out there waste most of our valuable time with irrelevant search results.This blog outlines the best ways to get relevant results from the search engines. To get the best results in terms of relevancy, you need to give some details to the search engine.

 Most people think of search engines as simple ask question – get answer robots, search engines work exactly the same way. They are nothing but advanced database search and retrieval programs in which you put in the search engines with query.It is very important to pass a good query to search engines to get better results. What are you looking for? Are you looking to collect tons and tons of information regarding a generic topic such as astrology? If any information with the word “astrology” is important for you, then it’s your day, because Lakhs of search results will be available for you to collect. And this is best solution for you if you have lots of free time.

 Irrelevant results bother many people because they try the first web site which came out as the result of search, and go to the next one, and then to the next one and so on. Although many hours are lost in this trial and error method, the chances to reach the website you need is very low. The reason is that search engine will bring any website which includes the word “astrology” on any page. Can you imagine this? Total No of websites in WWW with the small word “astrology”.

Being as specific as possible is the best way to get what you want. If you are looking for information about “Indian Culture”, then immediately tell that info to the search engine and type the phrase – Indian Culture – to the search window. In this query, search engine will rank the web sites in order of importance and will the websites which uses the terms “Indian” and “Culture” at the same time according to their relevancy.

You can get more relevant result by using quotes for the phrase you are searching. This way you command the search engine to give results containing both Indian and Culture at the same time as one entity instead of retrieving one word and the other as separate words. By doing this your search results will be filtered further and you will be closer to what you are looking for.

Web directories are great if you are already known what you are looking for. For specific queries you should prefer to look into directories other than search engines because they are organized to navigate back and forth of the directory tree with categories and sub- categories structure.

Web directories may not give reference close to what you are looking for, but they are very time efficient and give perfect results since they are created according to specific topics and sub topics navigation needs.No matter which search engine or directory you use to search the web for your needs, these tips will help you to get better results in your efforts to search the web time efficiently and get immediate results J J J