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Network Security/Hacking Contd…

So in my first post on Network Security/Hacking i have told you how to use angryip scanner to find out live computers on your network…..sorry to say this but most of the internet users out there are not concern with their network security and they connect to the internet without using a Firewall, and most of them share a folder with important files…..

There are many software based firewalls like Zone Alarm which sit on your PC between your OS and Internet and wheneven some program tries to access the internet they will pop-up a window asking you weather you want to allow the program or not….if you dont have the knowledge about that program you can always google.com to find what the program is….and then you can allow/block them…sounds simple right but it provides the best protection….

Sharing of folders….this is something which is the killer in the cable internet networks….even if you dont have any folders shared but you have File Printing and Sharing enabled you are vunerable to all the Network Virus which spread through network..If you have a cable internet connection remember to remove File Printing and Sharing from Network Connections. Its a service and you dont need it to access the internet….

Angryip scanner result window would display all the live hosts and you can right click a live host and select browse to browse the shared folders….

 Another basic mistake people do is they would allow unwanted services enable…for example telnet….have you used telnet before…..most of you would answer no…its a service through which you can remotely connect to a PC and execute commands….by default it comes with a blank password….so you can simply right click the live hosts and select Telnet…if the service is enabled you are in his system and you can use any dos command you have learnt as part of your Basic Computer skills….delete all system files to make his system useless…thats the worst thing to do….

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