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Associating a file with an extension in Windows….

Every file has a file name and a 2, 3 or 4 letter extension. Generally it’s a 3 letter extension which tells Windows which program it needs to use to open that file. If you accidentally open a  file with a different program then Windows assigns that program for all the files ending with that extension and you need a registry cleaner to fix the issue.


You might wonder what a Registry cleaner has to do with file association. Once you read further you would understand. All files that are saved in a computer are saved with a file extension. The extension would be .doc, for Microsoft Word document or .xls extension for Microsoft Excel document. Operating systems like Windows would use these extensions to map programs with the file and automatically open the program when a file with a particular extension is opened. But the file association can go wrong in two scenarios. The two scenarios are. One when the program needed to open that extension fails to load and the other case would be when the extension or association is wrong. All such information is stored in the registry of the operating system and if the extension or association goes wrong or the program does not work the data or file is redundant and will fail to load. This will remain in the registry, as it is not automatically deleted. Here you need to run a registry cleaner to fix the issue.


You can download a Registry Cleaner from the Internet. You can go to www.download.com and search for “Registry Cleaner” and downloaded a freeware version of Registry Cleaners that come as the search result. Generally the Registry Cleaners are small programs which would take few minutes to download. Once downloaded you can run the Installer Package (Download File) and follow the instructions to install the software. Registry Cleaners run in two stages. Stage one would be to scan the registry for redundant entries such as bad associations or extensions and unused keys. This process may take few minutes depending on the size of your registry. The second stage is to clean the registry with the registry cleaner you have download.


There are a huge number of free registry cleaners that can be downloaded from the internet for free. TweakNow Registry Cleaner Standard 3.0.1, Free Registry Cleaner 4.4 and Abex Free Registry Cleaner 1.1 are some free registry cleaners which I would recommend from www.download.com. Any registry cleaner would remove redundant associations for files that are inoperable because the associated programs not working.


Registry Cleaner software remove duplicate and un-used keys present in the registry. So regularly running a registry cleaner on your system would keep the registry optimizaed resulting in better performance of your PC.