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Which is the best anti virus program now?

Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro are the Big 3 in the Antivirus Industry. They have several products which deliver.

In my 10 years of computer experience, in which i sold more than 200 computers, installed more than 1000 Computers and trouble shooted countless computers, i always feel that what ever the antivirus it should have the Latest Definitions to provide effective protection.

It’s hard to clean a file which is infected with virus, so you should make sure that the virus doesn’t enter your system in the first place. For this you need to install the antivirus with the current definition files before connecting to the internet or opening any CD which you bought from your friend.Norton is very slow, i have heard this from majority of my customers, but they should understand it depends on which version of Norton you are using. People generally use Norton Internet Security which is basically just not an Antivirus, but firewall, IDS, Antivirus and Anti spam in one application.

So when you compare running the above against AVG Antivirus which is a Virus only scanner your system would be definitely slow. But you should also take into account the protection if offers.

My first choice would be Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 10 if you want a Virus and Spyware solution and Norton Internet Security if you want all in one solution. But remember Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro charge for subscription to get the updates.

I have used AVG in some cases and would give a 5 Star rating for its abilities.

If you want to pay for your Antivirus go with Symantec or McAfee. Free would be definitely AVG. If your system is infected with Virus and won’t allow the existing Antivirus to run a scan and won’t allow installation of New Antivirus you can use McAfee Stinger.



It’s a single EXE file which would run and clean the Viruses. You can copy the EXE file to a boot CD and run the Application booting of the CD and running. This would allow the EXE to run and clean viruses without loading the Windows file system and hence effective cleaning. 


Above link would allow you to download Stinger and has instructions on how to use it.

If you need any further clarification please get back to me.

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How to effectively use your Internet Bandwidth?

Hi….if you are a person like me, who uses the internet a lot, try to experiment with different software’s, download lots of freeware, shareware programs from the internet and use them….browse un-secure sites to find the under ground stuff, then this blog is definitely for you… 

Do you know how much Internet Bandwidth you are using? You need to use a online Bandwidth Test or Bandwidth Meter Software.

To test the Bandwidth Speed online use CNET Bandwidth Test, you can visit the URL http://reviews.cnet.com/Bandwidth_meter/7004-7254_7-0.html?tag=pm and fill the details and hit the Go button. Since the Server is hosted in US you may not get 100% accurate results, but you get a result which you can count on.  

To use a Bandwidth Meter Software you can install software called DU Meter which can be downloaded from www.download.com, it would show you the actual utilization of your internet in real time.  

I have a 512 Kbps Unlimited Airtel Broadband Connection, and I leave it on 24/7. I sometimes see that 120 Kbps bandwidth is being used without even one single browser open or any applications using internet.  

Which program is using this bandwidth? Would be a very tough question to answer…and it’s very hard to get out of this problem… 

There are 4 things which need to be fixed to fix this issue…. 

Install an Antivirus, remember how good the antivirus program is it needs the latest definition files to function effectively, update it and run a complete scan, if you don’t have access to internet at that time due to Virus, Spyware and Ad-ware killing your bandwidth you can get the antivirus signature update from computer magazine CD/DVD’s like CHIP, DIGIT etc. If you don’t have a licensed copy of Antivirus, AVG is a good free one to choose…. 

Next you need to install a Spyware and Ad-ware removal tool. Go to www.download.com and install Ad-ware and Spybot Search and Destroy. Both are free tools but they don’t offer real time protection. You need to run them once in a while to remove Ad-ware and Spyware respectively. Remember you also need to update the definitions for effective removal.  

Then run windows update and make sure that all critical updates are installed. If you have a pirated copy of Win XP and Windows Update wont work you can try Auto Patcher http://www.autopatcher.com  which can be downloaded through torrents or you can find it on CHIP and Digit Magazine CD’s. 

If all these 4 are updated and your system goes through the scan without catching anything then you can rest assure that your system is free from Virus, Ad-ware and Spyware. And most importantly your system Operation System is upto date and the effect of Virus and Spyware would be not so much even if affected. 

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