A place to share your Knowledge….

About Me…;)

 Welcome to Cyber Gurus…i would like to make this place into a true knowledge database…when you can find lots of stuff about technology….i know its cannot be done by one guy…so i am welcomming all the cyber gurus out there to contribute to my site…..

I am a Computer Guy interested in Computers, i did all kinds of job since my degree first year, managing a Computer Training Center, teaching computers, assembling and selling computers, Jr System admin, Sr System Admin, Team Lead, now Assistant Manager working as an Information Security Auditor.

 But my roots are into technology and i would like to help and lern out there in this huge cyber world…..everybody is welcome….do keep posting….

My Idea of fun are nature and driving….i love long drives and that too with a good friend to share the drive…


9 thoughts on “About Me…;)

  1. still cant believe u started blogging sunil…
    congrats…n welcome to our world….
    n keep blogging
    thx for the link though 🙂

  2. Hi Love
    i said you love Bcoz i don’t know your name ( i can’t find the same on your blog) but i guess your name may be Sunil anyway thanks a lot i got many knowledge by your blog ( i am not computer parson that my knowledge about technology are very limited ) i read many of your post , please keep it up.

  3. Hi Sunil…
    i have some queries..which i would like to ask u in person!!
    could u please mail me at shereenthegreat@hotmail.com??
    or atleast send me ur mail id or somethin???
    thanks a lot

  4. Oh im sorry..i jus got ur email id…lol

  5. Thank you dear for sharing your knowledge , I was in need of such sites.Hope to learn more and share with you all.I am a Multimedia Designer Working in an Advertising company.
    Thanks again.
    Elias James

  6. I am a student and am taking computer engineering. I have a problem in repairing power supplies and i thought you could give me some of techniques in repairing it.I am glad to know you.All the best

  7. i do not know my ID password

  8. Hi Sunil,

    You saved my day phew!!! I came across your blog by chance and got the infor about dopdf and now it is just plain sailing for me. I am able to convert my docs to pdf format and send them via email to my boss. Thank you ever so much. Keep up the good work.

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