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Find out the Country (Location) of the person you are chatting with.

If you are chatting with a person on Yahoo Messenger, do you know how to find the Location of the person you are chatting with? You can use a simple command and some googling to find out the location of the person you are chatting with.


When ever you use the Internet, in fact any network, the communication should happen between 2 Computers which are uniquely identified by 2 IP Address. But in most cases these IP Address might not be unique for your Computer but unique for your ISP. Simply speaking the router at your ISP is connected to the Internet. The connection between your computer and your ISP is a local network. Your ISP Routers acts as the middle man is making the Internet requests on your behalf and getting the Internet results back to your machine. So you can in most cases trace back an internet connection to the ISP, i.e. to the Country, State, City and ISP.


When ever you chat with a person using Yahoo Messenger your messages are sent to a Yahoo Server and the Server relays the messages to the person you the chatting with. So if you find the IP Address in such a scenario you will find the IP Address of the Server but not of the person who is chatting with you. Yahoo Messenger uses P2p Technology when you transfer a file from your system to the other persons system. So when you find out the IP Address of the Destination Computer when you do a Yahoo File Transfer you can actually find out the IP of the other person and hence the location.


When you are trying to find out the Location of the person chatting with you, you should make him accept a file transfer request, in this way a connection would be established between your computer and his computer. Remember to send a file which is at least 3-4 MB in size so that you have some time to capture the active connections. Once he accepts and the file transfer starts, open command prompt and type the command netstat –n, this would give active TCP Connections on each Port.


C:\Documents and Settings\User Name>netstat –n


Active Connections


  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State







C:\Documents and Settings\User Name>


The out put of netstat –n command would be something similar to the above. From the above list you need to filter the Foreign Address filed to get the IP Address of the Person chatting with you. When you are trying this close all Internet Applications like Messengers and File Sharing application and close all browser windows. Then you would have very few results and you can easily filter the IP Addresses.


You can use the Wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netstat to find more about the Netstat command.


You can use the Wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers to filter the foreign address based on port numbers.


Once you find the IP Address you can go a site like http://tools.whois.net/whoisbyip/  to find who is of that IP Address. Whois basically gives details like the address of registration, company name and contact details.


To find your own IP Address you can use the command ipconfig /all.


If you need any further clarification please get back to me.

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Configuring a Dial-up Connection…

Are you surprised that I have written a blog on Dial-up connection? Which no body uses these days. Dial-up is not used regularly.

But consider the situation when you travel to your village which doesn’t have broad band connection and internet cafes and you need to send an important mail or make a travel reservation.

I have faced similar situations and would like to share with you how can you go online within a few minutes. Even tough Broad Band internet is not available these days you can find a computer and Telephone in every village.

I assume you will get your hand on some laptop/computer or you have carried your laptop to your village, which has an inbuilt modem and drivers installed.  The next thing you need to come online is a Telephone and Internet Connection. BSNL has enabled Internet across all its telephone exchanges in India. The Dial-in number is 172233 and the user name and password would be netone. The service would be charged 60 Paise/1min and you get transfer speeds or 2-3 KBps. Not good for Bandwidth Hungry websites, but will do ok with some mails and chat and some browsing. 

As most PC’s have XP, I pre-assume you are using Windows XP, if you are using Windows 98 or Vista the basic process would be the same but the menus may change. Next thing is to configure a dialup connection.

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network and Dial-up Connections. Double click Make New Connection, Select Next, Select Dial-up to Internet, Select Manually Configure Settings and enter 172233 for the Phone Number and netone for username and password, follow the wizard, complete it. 

A new connection should appear in the Control Panel > Network Connection. You can place a short cut on the desktop for easy accessibility. Click Connect and you get a message No Dial Tone. You check your phone and you have Dial Tone. This is where most of the people get struck. 

TIPS: Remembers most of the Computer Devices like Modems are designed and developed outside India and they use different communication systems. So even tough you have a Dial Tone on your phone the Modem would not recognize the Dial Tone. You need to configure the Modem not to wait for Dial Tone. 

To do this go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options and go to the Modem Page select the modem and click the properties. And remove the Check for Wait for Dial-tone before dialing. Now you should be able to connect to the internet without any issues. 

TIPS: Open Internet Explorer, Go to Tools > Internet Options. Go to the Advanced Tab. Scroll down to Multimedia and remove the checks for Play Animations, Videos and Sounds in webpage’s. This would save some bandwidth and lets pages load faster on slow dial-up connections. 

If you need any further clarifications you can always reach me back with a comment or a mail.

For more blogs of Technology check my current blog at www.sunilsaripalli.com

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How to choose a Secure Password?

Due to the number of Usernames and Password one needs to remember, we are inclined towards using something which we are already very familiar with to make it easier. We are also tempted to opt for universal passwords for everything because it is easier to remember just one password rather than several different passwords. Unfortunately, the danger associated to this is, a smart hacker can break them very easily. 


First using a password with the real name or pet name of a user should be avoided. Moreover avoid passwords on information that can found with a bit of research on you, such as your wife’s name, child’s name, type of car you own, a phone number or vehicle license tag, your address, a parent’s name, your date of birth, etc.


A common method used by hackers to break a password is the dictionary method of attack. This method uses a dictionary in any language to try large numbers of words to see if an actual word is in the password. Reversed words, frequent misspellings and look-alike letter replacements are also checked.


One solution that is popular is to use a sentence that is easy to recall and use the first letter of each word in the sentence for the password. Using this method, “Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away” translates into the password “pdntspa”


To make it more complex, mix in some upper case letters and maybe “P” for Please. Add a date make the final password “Pdntspa1999”. It looks complicated but it is easy to recall the year, and the sentence.


Since a great many passwords are case sensitive, the use of upper case letters greatly increases the difficulty of breaking such a password. Symbols can be used with some systems, so using an easy to remember question mark and a dollar sign will make the password “Anwy?ccdfy$1961” makes it an even better password.


A change like this adds length to the password, making it far more difficult for a hacker to break. A password should be a minimum of eight characters but fourteen or more, like the example above, is best.


To enhance the security of your passwords, you should:Use a separate password for each program or application, don’t use a common password for all.Keep all passwords private, don’t share them with anyone who doesn’t really need to know. Every three or four months, change your passwords. So not use your passwords on shared computers such as in a public library or cyber cafe as there could be keystroke software installed.

If someone says they are from your bank or some such place and asks for your password, do not give it.

Banks and other similar places will never ask for your PIN or password.


Effectively Find Your Query in Search Engines :)

WWW is the best source for finding anything you are looking out for. You can accumulate a lot of information from the comfort of your desk. But most of us out there waste most of our valuable time with irrelevant search results.This blog outlines the best ways to get relevant results from the search engines. To get the best results in terms of relevancy, you need to give some details to the search engine.

 Most people think of search engines as simple ask question – get answer robots, search engines work exactly the same way. They are nothing but advanced database search and retrieval programs in which you put in the search engines with query.It is very important to pass a good query to search engines to get better results. What are you looking for? Are you looking to collect tons and tons of information regarding a generic topic such as astrology? If any information with the word “astrology” is important for you, then it’s your day, because Lakhs of search results will be available for you to collect. And this is best solution for you if you have lots of free time.

 Irrelevant results bother many people because they try the first web site which came out as the result of search, and go to the next one, and then to the next one and so on. Although many hours are lost in this trial and error method, the chances to reach the website you need is very low. The reason is that search engine will bring any website which includes the word “astrology” on any page. Can you imagine this? Total No of websites in WWW with the small word “astrology”.

Being as specific as possible is the best way to get what you want. If you are looking for information about “Indian Culture”, then immediately tell that info to the search engine and type the phrase – Indian Culture – to the search window. In this query, search engine will rank the web sites in order of importance and will the websites which uses the terms “Indian” and “Culture” at the same time according to their relevancy.

You can get more relevant result by using quotes for the phrase you are searching. This way you command the search engine to give results containing both Indian and Culture at the same time as one entity instead of retrieving one word and the other as separate words. By doing this your search results will be filtered further and you will be closer to what you are looking for.

Web directories are great if you are already known what you are looking for. For specific queries you should prefer to look into directories other than search engines because they are organized to navigate back and forth of the directory tree with categories and sub- categories structure.

Web directories may not give reference close to what you are looking for, but they are very time efficient and give perfect results since they are created according to specific topics and sub topics navigation needs.No matter which search engine or directory you use to search the web for your needs, these tips will help you to get better results in your efforts to search the web time efficiently and get immediate results J J J

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Network Security/Hacking Contd…

So in my first post on Network Security/Hacking i have told you how to use angryip scanner to find out live computers on your network…..sorry to say this but most of the internet users out there are not concern with their network security and they connect to the internet without using a Firewall, and most of them share a folder with important files…..

There are many software based firewalls like Zone Alarm which sit on your PC between your OS and Internet and wheneven some program tries to access the internet they will pop-up a window asking you weather you want to allow the program or not….if you dont have the knowledge about that program you can always google.com to find what the program is….and then you can allow/block them…sounds simple right but it provides the best protection….

Sharing of folders….this is something which is the killer in the cable internet networks….even if you dont have any folders shared but you have File Printing and Sharing enabled you are vunerable to all the Network Virus which spread through network..If you have a cable internet connection remember to remove File Printing and Sharing from Network Connections. Its a service and you dont need it to access the internet….

Angryip scanner result window would display all the live hosts and you can right click a live host and select browse to browse the shared folders….

 Another basic mistake people do is they would allow unwanted services enable…for example telnet….have you used telnet before…..most of you would answer no…its a service through which you can remotely connect to a PC and execute commands….by default it comes with a blank password….so you can simply right click the live hosts and select Telnet…if the service is enabled you are in his system and you can use any dos command you have learnt as part of your Basic Computer skills….delete all system files to make his system useless…thats the worst thing to do….

 Keep comming back for more….and please post your suggestions and comments…….