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I am Sunil Saripalli, and i work out of Chennai India. You can reach me on my Yahoo Sunilforu4ever@yahoo.com, MSN sunil_cw@msn.com, Gtalk sunilsaripalli@gmail.com. All these 3 are blocked on my office LAN. So i would be available mostly during off hours.

You can always leave me an email or an offline message. I have active participation on Yahoo Answers also……

11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. u r doing nice job buddy

  2. Hi Sunil,
    Thanks for ur answer to my question on Yahoo answers. I havn’t checked it till today. I found ur anser helpful so I voted u the best. I would love to know more in details. Like, If i use any messenger service for sending a sms the person who will receive it won’t be able to answer me back. Is that so? Coz, the sms’ I m getting, I can’t reply back to the sender as the reply button is off in that case. Please, clarify. And, I want to use Skype. Can I send a sms from there to any mobile number in India? I appreciate that you helped. Thanks. Take care.

  3. hiiii
    u r doing nice job
    keep it up!!!!

    i have a question……
    is google cash is genuine
    means can we earn money as like they say
    n where i can find its all details

  4. trying to set up outlook 2003, requested and received from cybergurus, a very thorough guideline., followed each and every step accuretly, double checked step by step and at the end, set up failed time and again, is there something else you could suggest ?…please

    pablo r bassabe

    (o/s=windows vista)

  5. Software should be more easy and quick to download and save.

  6. hieeeee….

  7. hi
    sunil how r u ?
    this is siddharth singh ,I’m interested to bay a car stereo for my new indca cs , which is good on .
    my budget is 6000 to 10000.

  8. hi Sunil
    1. is it possible to trace the location of pc from where they other person has log in YM WITHOUT going fro file transfer, as the other person may not want to chat but we need to find the location when we see him online on YM

    2. How can we see the screen of other person who is online in a remote location and monitor his screen operation & application activities?

  9. Hello sunil,

    I am Hemant Kothari (Maharastra). I want your help actually i have opened a big computer shopy in nasik dist and i want delearship of Dell or any other laptop so suggest me what should i do?? Please I am waiting for your reply……

  10. All these 3 are blocked on my office LAN. So i would be available mostly during off hours.

    You are an expert,why don’t you break it.After all rules are meant to be broken !!

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