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I have started www.sunilsaripalli.com

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Finally, 1 year after registering my domain name i have setup my blog at http://www.sunilsaripalli.com.

I would continue to use wordpress, because wordpress is something l like the most, and even at http://www.sunilsaripalli.com i have used wordpress only….

Thanks for your Support

For more blogs of Technology check my current blog at www.sunilsaripalli.com

Author: Sunil Saripalli

I am Sunil...working as information security officer....i am into computers since my Degree...i used to Teach Hardware and Networking and assemble and sell computers and network solutions. After degree i started my first job in a US Based Company worked for 4 years in Support Functions. Got a chance to work as Team Lead in another US Based Company and worked there for a year and a bit later shifted to Citi due to higher degree of challenges offered in larger environments like citi....i belive Knowledge is power and i would love to share it....i am sure i will make this blog a very useful place for cyber gurus......

One thought on “I have started www.sunilsaripalli.com

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