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Think before you print…

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I would dedicate this Blog for the environment. I am someone who never thought about the environment, for example I always used to throw the paper plates I eat and cool drink bottles I drink out of my car onto the road without even thinking, What am I doing? I never felt it wrong until I had a friend, who doesn’t like to do that. After her warning me few times I realized what I am doing. And now I don’t drop them out but drop them in a dust bin.


It’s a very small thing which we need to do and these small things would cumulate to make a difference. I would also say that we need to educate people around us that small things make a big difference. So my Blog today would be part Technical and part Nature Saving.


I would like to talk about Printers and printing. What is the cost of an Inkjet Printer? The answer would be a few thousand rupees depending on the functionality of the printer. What is the cost of the Ink Cartridge? The answer would be a few thousand rupees depending on the make and model of the Cartridge. I have seen printers in the market which sell for 3000 INR and the cost of the Ink Cartridge would be 2000 INR. So is the actual cost of the printer 1000 INR.


The answer would be No. The Printer manufacturers actually sell the printer at a loss and would make up by selling the Ink Cartridges. On an average an Inkjet Printer Cartridge would last for around 500 prints or 6 Months. So if you buy a printer and use it for 3 years you are actually paying him 3000+12000=15000 INR.


You might say that we can use off-market or refilled cartridges, then you need compromise on print quality and manufacturer warranty for your printer. So when are you thinking of buying a Printer choose Laser over Inkjet. Because laser printers use Toner in place of ink and would last few thousand copies compared with the few hundred copies inkjet cartridges last.


Also make it a habit to print on both sides of the paper. Agreed it would need some effort if you don’t have a printer that supports duplex printing, but you can always print odd pages first and then print the even pages.

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Author: Sunil Saripalli

I am Sunil...working as information security officer....i am into computers since my Degree...i used to Teach Hardware and Networking and assemble and sell computers and network solutions. After degree i started my first job in a US Based Company worked for 4 years in Support Functions. Got a chance to work as Team Lead in another US Based Company and worked there for a year and a bit later shifted to Citi due to higher degree of challenges offered in larger environments like citi....i belive Knowledge is power and i would love to share it....i am sure i will make this blog a very useful place for cyber gurus......

One thought on “Think before you print…

  1. Vow your post really touched me a lot and yes i agree that a small initiative can bring in fruitful results.

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