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Find out the Country (Location) of the person you are chatting with.

If you are chatting with a person on Yahoo Messenger, do you know how to find the Location of the person you are chatting with? You can use a simple command and some googling to find out the location of the person you are chatting with.


When ever you use the Internet, in fact any network, the communication should happen between 2 Computers which are uniquely identified by 2 IP Address. But in most cases these IP Address might not be unique for your Computer but unique for your ISP. Simply speaking the router at your ISP is connected to the Internet. The connection between your computer and your ISP is a local network. Your ISP Routers acts as the middle man is making the Internet requests on your behalf and getting the Internet results back to your machine. So you can in most cases trace back an internet connection to the ISP, i.e. to the Country, State, City and ISP.


When ever you chat with a person using Yahoo Messenger your messages are sent to a Yahoo Server and the Server relays the messages to the person you the chatting with. So if you find the IP Address in such a scenario you will find the IP Address of the Server but not of the person who is chatting with you. Yahoo Messenger uses P2p Technology when you transfer a file from your system to the other persons system. So when you find out the IP Address of the Destination Computer when you do a Yahoo File Transfer you can actually find out the IP of the other person and hence the location.


When you are trying to find out the Location of the person chatting with you, you should make him accept a file transfer request, in this way a connection would be established between your computer and his computer. Remember to send a file which is at least 3-4 MB in size so that you have some time to capture the active connections. Once he accepts and the file transfer starts, open command prompt and type the command netstat –n, this would give active TCP Connections on each Port.


C:\Documents and Settings\User Name>netstat –n


Active Connections


  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State







C:\Documents and Settings\User Name>


The out put of netstat –n command would be something similar to the above. From the above list you need to filter the Foreign Address filed to get the IP Address of the Person chatting with you. When you are trying this close all Internet Applications like Messengers and File Sharing application and close all browser windows. Then you would have very few results and you can easily filter the IP Addresses.


You can use the Wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netstat to find more about the Netstat command.


You can use the Wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers to filter the foreign address based on port numbers.


Once you find the IP Address you can go a site like http://tools.whois.net/whoisbyip/  to find who is of that IP Address. Whois basically gives details like the address of registration, company name and contact details.


To find your own IP Address you can use the command ipconfig /all.


If you need any further clarification please get back to me.

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Think before you print…

I would dedicate this Blog for the environment. I am someone who never thought about the environment, for example I always used to throw the paper plates I eat and cool drink bottles I drink out of my car onto the road without even thinking, What am I doing? I never felt it wrong until I had a friend, who doesn’t like to do that. After her warning me few times I realized what I am doing. And now I don’t drop them out but drop them in a dust bin.


It’s a very small thing which we need to do and these small things would cumulate to make a difference. I would also say that we need to educate people around us that small things make a big difference. So my Blog today would be part Technical and part Nature Saving.


I would like to talk about Printers and printing. What is the cost of an Inkjet Printer? The answer would be a few thousand rupees depending on the functionality of the printer. What is the cost of the Ink Cartridge? The answer would be a few thousand rupees depending on the make and model of the Cartridge. I have seen printers in the market which sell for 3000 INR and the cost of the Ink Cartridge would be 2000 INR. So is the actual cost of the printer 1000 INR.


The answer would be No. The Printer manufacturers actually sell the printer at a loss and would make up by selling the Ink Cartridges. On an average an Inkjet Printer Cartridge would last for around 500 prints or 6 Months. So if you buy a printer and use it for 3 years you are actually paying him 3000+12000=15000 INR.


You might say that we can use off-market or refilled cartridges, then you need compromise on print quality and manufacturer warranty for your printer. So when are you thinking of buying a Printer choose Laser over Inkjet. Because laser printers use Toner in place of ink and would last few thousand copies compared with the few hundred copies inkjet cartridges last.


Also make it a habit to print on both sides of the paper. Agreed it would need some effort if you don’t have a printer that supports duplex printing, but you can always print odd pages first and then print the even pages.

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Hi to all

Hi to everyone who are visiting my Blog…sorry for not posting blogs in the last 2 months…i have shifted from CTS to Deloitte and an trying to find my feet in Deloitte…so not finding the time to blog..but i would be back to myself sometime soon and my blogs will flow…..

One of my friend had a small idea and we want to materialise it…the idea was to start a website on conserving the environment…..we have registered a domain and hosted a template at www.save2survive.com do look at the template and get back with ur comments….i would also encourage active participation of all of you people becuase its something for all of us….we would be hosting a blog and updating the stuff shortly…ur contibutions and comments are welcome…

As per my blogs goes i can promise you a blog a day from now on…..keep comming back…feel free to ask if you need some technical help…if i dont have the solution i will try to get it for you….and remember to post some comments….which is something which would encourage me to blog even better……those comments….would be the energy for me……:)

For more blogs of Technology check my current blog at www.sunilsaripalli.com