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Which is the best anti virus program now?


Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro are the Big 3 in the Antivirus Industry. They have several products which deliver.

In my 10 years of computer experience, in which i sold more than 200 computers, installed more than 1000 Computers and trouble shooted countless computers, i always feel that what ever the antivirus it should have the Latest Definitions to provide effective protection.

It’s hard to clean a file which is infected with virus, so you should make sure that the virus doesn’t enter your system in the first place. For this you need to install the antivirus with the current definition files before connecting to the internet or opening any CD which you bought from your friend.Norton is very slow, i have heard this from majority of my customers, but they should understand it depends on which version of Norton you are using. People generally use Norton Internet Security which is basically just not an Antivirus, but firewall, IDS, Antivirus and Anti spam in one application.

So when you compare running the above against AVG Antivirus which is a Virus only scanner your system would be definitely slow. But you should also take into account the protection if offers.

My first choice would be Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 10 if you want a Virus and Spyware solution and Norton Internet Security if you want all in one solution. But remember Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro charge for subscription to get the updates.

I have used AVG in some cases and would give a 5 Star rating for its abilities.

If you want to pay for your Antivirus go with Symantec or McAfee. Free would be definitely AVG. If your system is infected with Virus and won’t allow the existing Antivirus to run a scan and won’t allow installation of New Antivirus you can use McAfee Stinger.



It’s a single EXE file which would run and clean the Viruses. You can copy the EXE file to a boot CD and run the Application booting of the CD and running. This would allow the EXE to run and clean viruses without loading the Windows file system and hence effective cleaning. 


Above link would allow you to download Stinger and has instructions on how to use it.

If you need any further clarification please get back to me.

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Author: Sunil Saripalli

I am Sunil...working as information security officer....i am into computers since my Degree...i used to Teach Hardware and Networking and assemble and sell computers and network solutions. After degree i started my first job in a US Based Company worked for 4 years in Support Functions. Got a chance to work as Team Lead in another US Based Company and worked there for a year and a bit later shifted to Citi due to higher degree of challenges offered in larger environments like citi....i belive Knowledge is power and i would love to share it....i am sure i will make this blog a very useful place for cyber gurus......

12 thoughts on “Which is the best anti virus program now?

  1. Try out Kaspersky Internet Security and compare to NIS… Norton IS slow, whether just AV or complete security solution…

  2. I havent used Kaspersky before, and i have written this blog based on my experience. After your comment i have googled and found that ur comments are correct. Kaspersky is one of the fastest Antivirus today.

  3. Norton is slow and hard to uninstall. Kaspersky is a great security program. I found a website last week that gives their own testing results on internet security software, it seems to be very accurate. Thanks for the information!

  4. avg is the best i have used

  5. dear author, Kaspersky is much better than what you have written here…i have also tried 3 of them and norton is totally out! Mcafee is just a big name but could do anything!….Trend micro is little bit ok

  6. opppsss…*mcafee could not do anything*

  7. I use AVG. Seems ok to me, need regular update to be effective.

    Can I use pirated anti-virus? No money to buy original one and pay the subscription fees!

  8. Well, some people finds nice F-secure, Avira and NOD32, in the order.

  9. I’ve used many many anti virus softwares.But the ones that where hassle free and protected my computer the best were Mcafee 2006 Suite,Kaspersky Antivirus 6 till I upgraded to version 7 also Zone Alarm and NOD32 are worth mentioning.
    I gave up on Norton in 2005.It slows down your computer irrespective whether its plain antivirus or the entire system works or internet security edition.Norton has too many background processes running for its Anti virus service.
    NOw its Kaspersky all the way

  10. There are many viruses not discovered only by norton. and even if the others seen it they can’t handle it like NAV.
    may be you choose any antivirus if you don’t care about all virusese or you don’t mind to take your chance with some viruses but norton is ultimate solution.espesially 2008 it ‘s diffrent engine .
    thanks and best regards.

  11. I think Norton is not 100 percent secure and therfore Macfee is the only option left ….

  12. At this point, must be considered following products: Avira 8, Eset 3, Kaspersky 8, Bitdefender 2008 and F-Secure 2008.

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