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Which is the best anti virus program now?

Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro are the Big 3 in the Antivirus Industry. They have several products which deliver.

In my 10 years of computer experience, in which i sold more than 200 computers, installed more than 1000 Computers and trouble shooted countless computers, i always feel that what ever the antivirus it should have the Latest Definitions to provide effective protection.

It’s hard to clean a file which is infected with virus, so you should make sure that the virus doesn’t enter your system in the first place. For this you need to install the antivirus with the current definition files before connecting to the internet or opening any CD which you bought from your friend.Norton is very slow, i have heard this from majority of my customers, but they should understand it depends on which version of Norton you are using. People generally use Norton Internet Security which is basically just not an Antivirus, but firewall, IDS, Antivirus and Anti spam in one application.

So when you compare running the above against AVG Antivirus which is a Virus only scanner your system would be definitely slow. But you should also take into account the protection if offers.

My first choice would be Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 10 if you want a Virus and Spyware solution and Norton Internet Security if you want all in one solution. But remember Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro charge for subscription to get the updates.

I have used AVG in some cases and would give a 5 Star rating for its abilities.

If you want to pay for your Antivirus go with Symantec or McAfee. Free would be definitely AVG. If your system is infected with Virus and won’t allow the existing Antivirus to run a scan and won’t allow installation of New Antivirus you can use McAfee Stinger.



It’s a single EXE file which would run and clean the Viruses. You can copy the EXE file to a boot CD and run the Application booting of the CD and running. This would allow the EXE to run and clean viruses without loading the Windows file system and hence effective cleaning. 


Above link would allow you to download Stinger and has instructions on how to use it.

If you need any further clarification please get back to me.

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Configuring a Dial-up Connection…

Are you surprised that I have written a blog on Dial-up connection? Which no body uses these days. Dial-up is not used regularly.

But consider the situation when you travel to your village which doesn’t have broad band connection and internet cafes and you need to send an important mail or make a travel reservation.

I have faced similar situations and would like to share with you how can you go online within a few minutes. Even tough Broad Band internet is not available these days you can find a computer and Telephone in every village.

I assume you will get your hand on some laptop/computer or you have carried your laptop to your village, which has an inbuilt modem and drivers installed.  The next thing you need to come online is a Telephone and Internet Connection. BSNL has enabled Internet across all its telephone exchanges in India. The Dial-in number is 172233 and the user name and password would be netone. The service would be charged 60 Paise/1min and you get transfer speeds or 2-3 KBps. Not good for Bandwidth Hungry websites, but will do ok with some mails and chat and some browsing. 

As most PC’s have XP, I pre-assume you are using Windows XP, if you are using Windows 98 or Vista the basic process would be the same but the menus may change. Next thing is to configure a dialup connection.

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network and Dial-up Connections. Double click Make New Connection, Select Next, Select Dial-up to Internet, Select Manually Configure Settings and enter 172233 for the Phone Number and netone for username and password, follow the wizard, complete it. 

A new connection should appear in the Control Panel > Network Connection. You can place a short cut on the desktop for easy accessibility. Click Connect and you get a message No Dial Tone. You check your phone and you have Dial Tone. This is where most of the people get struck. 

TIPS: Remembers most of the Computer Devices like Modems are designed and developed outside India and they use different communication systems. So even tough you have a Dial Tone on your phone the Modem would not recognize the Dial Tone. You need to configure the Modem not to wait for Dial Tone. 

To do this go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options and go to the Modem Page select the modem and click the properties. And remove the Check for Wait for Dial-tone before dialing. Now you should be able to connect to the internet without any issues. 

TIPS: Open Internet Explorer, Go to Tools > Internet Options. Go to the Advanced Tab. Scroll down to Multimedia and remove the checks for Play Animations, Videos and Sounds in webpage’s. This would save some bandwidth and lets pages load faster on slow dial-up connections. 

If you need any further clarifications you can always reach me back with a comment or a mail.

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A blog about Display Settings…

This Blog is for everyone out there using a computer. I would try to make my post as much non-technical as possible, but if you need some clarification please get back to me with a comment or an email or an offline message… 

When you are buying a computer you try to buy a Good Graphic Card and the Good Monitor you can buy with the money available. In most cases the Mother Board has the Graphic Card integrated into it and you might have bought a CRT or TFT/LCD Monitor. 

After getting your computer, do you check weather the graphic card and monitor are configured optimally to give the best display resolution? The answer would be No in most of the cases. Let me explain you why. 

In 99% of the cases in assembled computers I don’t see the drivers of the Monitor Installed. It would be installed and configured as a Generic Color Monitor. So if your monitor supports better refresh rates or resolutions your System would not be knowing that and hence wont try to display those resolutions and refresh rates. 

If I ask you where you should configure your resolution, most of you would have an answer, but if I ask you where to change the refresh rate I am sure very few would have the answer. When you right click on the desktop and select Properties and go to the settings tab you would find a slider to set your resolution.  

If you click the advanced button and go to monitor tab you would see the drop down list to select the refresh rate. Higher the refresh rate less strain for your eye. So go ahead and select the highest value you see there.

Sometimes your display would go blank when you select a refresh rate which is not supported by your monitor don’t worry, just wait for a minute and your Graphic card would reset the refresh rate to the older value.

Now you can select the value which is lesser than the highest value until you find your monitors highest supported value. Installing the latest drives for your Graphic Card and Monitor would improve the quality of the Display a lot.

So keep checking the website of the manufacturers once in a month to find any updated drivers.  If you need any further clarification please get back to me.

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