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How does a Registry Cleaner work ?

A registry cleaner scans the system for obsolete files and links and deletes them from the system registry to make the system run faster and more efficiently.

The registry was designed to speed up the operating system but this very intention and design by Microsoft could prove detrimental to your system is the registry is not serviced and maintained by regularly using a good registry cleaner software to clean the registry of useless entries that are slowing down the system and taking up disk space.

There are many registry cleaners such as the PC Mantra’s registry cleaner, the PC registry cleaner and the Windows XP registry cleaner that can spruce up your system and make it much more enjoyable to use. Registry cleaner software, as any registry cleaner software, scans the system and traces obsolete or outdated data. Then after determining the good from the bad the registry cleaner deletes the redundant data enabling your PC to perform error free and more efficiently than before running the registry cleaner.

Ensure The Registry Cleaner Has A Good Backup Function

Before using a registry cleaner it is of paramount importance to ensure if the software has a registry backup function. This is important because in case the cleaner goes wrong the system will crash and will need to be restored with this backup to get the system back to its previous level of functioning. This can occur if the registry cleaner inadvertently deletes some file in the registry. You can download a free version of any registry cleaner or a trial version. However, a free or trial version will not have all the features enabled in the download so it is always good to have a licensed version of the registry cleaner software. In fact it is always good to have a licensed version of any software to keep your system running error free and efficiently.

A corrupted Registry Will Crash The System

If the registry of an operating system is damaged or corrupted the entire system will crash or become very unstable. This could render the system unusable. So, the registry is a vital part of the computer that has to be kept in very good working condition. If this part of the computer gets filled with trash, such as broken links caused by uninstalling software and not removing the entries from the registry, or outdated entries that do not need to be there the whole system will slow down drastically. Believe it or not a single day on the system can enter more than a thousand entries in the registry. Forty percent of which will be useless after the days work is done. These entries will have to be removed with the help of a good registry cleaner. Though a few thousand entries will have no significant effect on the system they will over a period of time.