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Use EASY Registry Cleaner

The main benefit of each registry cleaner is its simpleness or not. But not all of them can be called easy in use. These terms are often dismissed. Only that software can guarantee users simple usage which was created special for Internet majority population who often has no time to lean much about software. And this is the fact. All what a user should know about a “cleaner” is that how to scan and fix a PC and the Windows registry. Simple idea: pro soft – for professionals, intro – for home users. All is fair. Some characteristics below prove it.

Easy registry cleaner advantages and disadvantages

From home users:
* Good-looking interface
* Different gratifying to the eye “skins”
* Easy navigation
* Not numerous options
* Easy Help support
* Thoughtful FAQ (frequently asked questions) list
* Easily added plugins for additional scan operations

From professionals:
* Too much colors making program like for children
* Not a lot of functions
* Spoon-fed FAQ and Help support
* Needless “skins”

We can think out much more advantages and disadvantages but the final result – easy registry cleaner will be always better for home users only. I’m sure professionals will like them when they will have a hand in such “cleaner” construction. One way or the other such software should be created in future.

So, we can say that the features of easy registry cleaner allow users to fix and clean safely and easily. These two factors are the most important in case of home user’s security and convenience. Professional registry cleaner, in its turn, does the same work but in different performance. But the final choice is user’s who have to choose between convinience of easy registry cleaner and multifunctionality of pro registry which is just hidden in easy registry software in order do not make inconveniences for a user.