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Olympus Stylus 710

This is one of the best Cameras i have laid my hands on, Light and Sturdy are the best words to desribe the Camera. I have used quite a number of Digital Cams before. I owned a 2 MP Basic Webcam Cum Digital Cam, Canon 4 Mega Pixel Cam and i tried my hands on my friends Sony Digital Cam, but this is one which i liked most. I havent used it much, but it was used to shoot 2-3 functions in which it showed good performance, but low light pics are always not so good and i belive its not the strong point of this camera. All in all a good experience.



Dell SC430 Server

Whats the cost of a low end server ? If someone asks you this question, if you dont know anything about servers and their prices your guess would be atleast more than 25000 INR. I was shocked when i saw a Dell server for 19000 INR on the Dell website. Upon clicking the link it showed a Dell SC430 Server with Dual Core Processor, 256 MB ECC RAM, 80 GB SATA HDD for 19000 INR + Taxes. I called up the customer care and confirmed weather it was a false number which was publised, but he confirmed i can get the server at that prices, coooooool…a Dell branded server for 19000 INR, went to the local market and was shocked to hear the price of the Dual Core Processor itself was 14000INR ( this was about 2 years back when Dual Core was just released), and the local market guys said that Dell might be just doing some marketing, by fake advertising, but i tought i would give it a try and went ahead and bought 4 Dell Servers, just be be of the safe side i have taken 3 Years complete cover which added almost of the cost of the server 18000 INR. So my server with Dual Core, 512MB ECC RAM, 160 GB HDD and 3 years complete cover costed me 54 Thousand + 10% Taxes, and my servers got deliveired to me in the mentioned 20 days time frame. I just burst opened the first packing to check if the server had a Mother board and Processor or not…i am  not jocking i mean it…..when i opened the package i was amazed to see the quality of the Cabinet and CPU Cooling Fan offered by Dell. Those 2 alone would cost me 15000 INR in the local market, i went ahead and ordered 2 more servers for 25000 INR, this time i didnt take the 3 years complete cover since i felt the server wont broke in 3 years….and all the 6 servers are doing fantastic duty…..keep up the good work dell…


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DU Meter – Bandwidth Monitor Tool

Want to know whats the real speed of your internet….this is the best tool i have seen so far…DU Meter…you can get a 30 day evaluation version from www.dumeter.com  install it and select the Internet Connection you want to monitor and you would get a real time graph of internet usage in KBps, you would also get Daily, Weekly and Monthly Data transfer details. Overall a great product, very low on resources and giving real time data about your internet connection. A must try….

You can download a 30 day trail version from the below link

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Nokia 6600 – The Smart Phone

My date with the Nokia 6600 was very short, but i have done quite a bit of work on the 6600…when it was introduced it was one of the first phones to have an OS and chance to Install Applications…i used to sell computers at that time…so i am the tech guy and people often approached me for the cell phone applications also…its been long but i still rememebr charging 1000 INR for installing some 4-5 applications which is a mere 30 min work…Its a very good phone, which had a special shape, the trusted nokia brand….i still have the hobby of trying out cell phone applications…so if you are looking for some applications do wirte me at sunilsaripalli@gmail.com




Dell Laptops

I have always been a BIG Fan of Dell, one of my friends used to have a Dell laptop, which was my first expereince with Dell since i shared a room with my friend for quite some time…i have worked, installed and troubleshooted laptops before but that the first time i have seen that Laptops can be used so roughly, that laptop was on 24/7, downloading, playing games watching video….but it never ever gave any compliant…..may be the only one thing was it heated up a lot but it never was off…..i have used several other Dell’s after that and found that they share the same stability….and now a days Dell offers 3 years complete cover, that includes accident damages also…so go ahead buy a Dell ans share your Dell experience.


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Nokia 3330 – The Phone

I was in Chennai when i saw this phone, there were 2 models 3310 and 3330, and the difference between the 2 was 3330 has WAP. I didnt had any idea what WAP is but went ahead and bought it, that starts a very good experience for me. I bought a LED Lit back panel which had some 15-20 LED’s which switched themselves on and off with different patterns, the standby, signal and battery matched the 5110, what more can you ask, and you can key-in your own ringtones…hip hip hurray….download the ringtones from the net and key them in…..Used it for quite sometime without any issues…i still remember changing a battery after 1 years…ADVICE: When you buy a Nokia Battery buy it with Nokia warrenty. Battery in off markets are way cheap but you cannot be sure about the quality of the battery. Play safe.


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Nokia 5110 – The Master

Nokia 5110 was my second phone, i had a small samsung phone as my first phone, getting vexed with the lack of voice clarity and the battery power i decided to shift to the 5110, which was 99.99% choice for a phone at that point of time. And it ment serious business, if you want a good phone to work as a phone it will never disappoint you may be a tad heavy and bulky.